Thai Lime & Mango ‘Glow then grow’ Candle


Thai Lime & Mango ‘Glow then grow’ Candle by Laura Fisher

Scent information: Uplifting Tropical and Fruity, this fragrance combines Thai Lime, pineapple and mango with cosy peach, apricot and plum.

Our luxurious ‘glow then grow’ vegan soy wax candles are all hand poured and crafted from our Hampshire shop and studio, each with a burn time of 45 hours they are designed to give you hours of home fragrant bliss.

Candles that care. Helping to reduce single use waste – our candles and packaging have been crafted to be recycled. After your candle has finished its glow, you can grow your own jar of beautiful Bee friendly plants from our plantable packaging and jar.

  • 250g Soy Wax Candle

  • 45 hours burn time

  • 100% Vegan

  • Cotton and Linen Wicks

  • Plantable packaging – to turn your candle jar into a jar of bee friendly flowers (instructions included).

  • Illustrated by Laura & hand poured from our very own shop and studio.

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