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Surprise content dog gift boxes bursting with treats, toys, accessories and more with three types available and four different price ranges to ensure there is something to suit everyone.

No knowing what’s inside until they are delivered to your door!

Choose from:

PET ONLY- filled with various goodies for your furry friend.

WORKING PET- filled with items suitable for working dogs as well as normal pet toys etc too.

MUTT & MUM-filled with items for both dog and owner because we all need a little treat.

DOG & DAD- filled with items for both dog and owner, but suited to a male owner. Three price options guaranteed to be curated with contents of higher RRP value than the box purchase price.

MINI (£20) MEDIUM (£25) DELUXE (£35)

Choose from dog, bitch or neutral to help us in our product selection (eg- the bitch box may include pink or bitch specific products etPPlease add your dog size and breed or any extra information when ordering to help us curate boxes for your dog.

Please note box contents may vary between customers.

Our boxes will be pre-order with a surprise content subscription style approach but will be for a one off gift box with no continuous cycle, adding excitement without the re-occurring payments! Just choose when you want to buy, with no need to cancel, and the option to buy more at a later date when you want to (just remember to add in the comments you have ordered before to make sure we don’t send similar items)

These boxes will be trialed throughout October with orders placed with suppliers, once numbers gained (closes 10th October) for boxes to be delivered within the following weeks. Eg. October orders will be posted in November etc.Please allow a period of time for your boxes to be delivered, delivery dates may alter due to covid 19 circumstances.

We will not be accepting swaps, refunds or returns on products/boxes. Photo example of contents and examples of brands we currently work with are Ruff and Tumble, Wrendale designs, Hawkins Organic, Becopets, Sweet P, Green & Wilds, Scrubbies UK, Sporting Saint, Hunter & Hound , designed for dogs etc.

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