Muddy Paws luxury soy candle


MUDDY PAWS is our luxury soy candle designed to diminishing those doggy smells after long walks in the countryside with your four legged friend.

The refreshing and uplifting blend of lemongrass and lime essentials oils is the perfect scent to neturalise the air in your home, instantly adding a citrus blend to stimulate your senses whilst also relieving stress.

Designed for dogs in the countryside, sold as part of our Muddy Mutts gift boxes or as individual product.

Our luxury hand-poured soy candles from ‘SHED’ are always made in a small batch; using only pure soy wax and 100% essential oils.

No synthetics, no chemicals, no pollutants and no nasties added so you can brighten up your home with the gorgeous scent of Lemongrass & Lime, knowing your candle is kind to the environment and kind to you.

170ml |

Approx 25-30hrs clean burn

Jar Height: 8.5 cm

Jar Diameter: 6.5 cm

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