Working puppy starter pack


The perfect starter pack for the early stages of training.

At 150g the dummies are ideal for helping puppies get accustomed to carrying from a young age, the ball adds variety and a scent trail into retrieves whilst the snipe feather designed dummy adds a realistic looking challenge as your young dog progresses.


The Original Clone®️ Snipe (150g) dummy: This next generation dummy replicates a real-life game bird feather, using high definition photographic canvas print to add realism to your dogs training. An excellent tool to add variety and a new challenge to your dogs retrieves.

Natural Rabbit Ball: Complete with throwing toggle the natural rabbit ball from Sporting Saint makes an effective training aid or great for fun use. It rolls along the ground leaving a scent trail whilst also being a great tool to encourage young dogs to pick up or to add variety to an experienced dogs training

Puppy Dummy: This soft fill, small and lightweight dummy is ideal for early stages of retrieving, with no throwing toggle it makes the perfect tool for introducing your puppy to training.

Pure Meat Training Treats: Made from 100% fresh meat from the best cuts and air dried to retain all of the goodness these 100% natural JR Pet Product treats make the ideal reward for your dog or puppy (from 4 weeks old). 85g pack size in either venison, duck or chicken.

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Official Product Details: 

(Taken from supplier website details)

The Original Clone®️ Pheasant (1lb), Partridge (1/2lb) or Snipe (150g) dummy:

Field tested and approved by Lee Cooper of Breckmarsh Gundogs.

The Original Clone®️ Pheasant Dummy is the result of many hours of research and development with the main goals outlined in the attempt to bring a new generation of gundog training dummy to the market.

Dog & Field’s range of Original Clone®️ training dummies bring a new life like realism to your training with the high definition photographic canvas print of real-life game birds feather patterns. Designed specifically with the dog and hander in min, the advanced marking visibility and eye-catching realistic appeal of the dummy to help your train your dog with the convenience of dummies and the realism of the types of game birds your dog may be retrieving in the field.

The Original Clone®️ range of gundog dummies offers three sizes and game bird feather patterns including a Snipe, Partridge and Pheasant all in the traditional dummy shapes and sizes.

A 100g Snipe dummy, a 250g or 1/2lb Partridge pattern dummy and a 500g or 1lb Pheasant feather dummy, all offered in the traditional canvas training dummy shape including a durable throwing toggle.

*Patent Pending

**Trademark Protected by Intellectual Property Rights No. 6098503, 6098504, 6098505

 Puppy Dummy

  • Soft fill, small, light weight.
  • No throwing toggle.
  • Ideal for the early stages of retrieving.
  • designed and made by Sporting Saint here in the UK

The Sporting Saint ‘Famous Rabbit Ball!

  • Very good training aid or for fun use
  • Rolls along the ground leaving a scent trail
  • Great training tool for encouraging young or adult dogs that do not wish to pick up a dummy or fur to start picking up again
  • Tennis ball size with throwing toggle.

Pure Meat Training Treats:

Our Pure Training Treats Variety Bundle are Naturally Healthy:-

  • Suitable for all dogs, no matter their breed or size
  • 100% pure meat
  • Available in a re-sealable pouch to lock in the freshness
  • Responsibly sourced

Key advantages of these great honest and guilt-free chews include:-

  • 100% natural
  • Easy to digest
  • High in protein
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Nutritious

Our Pure Training Treats Variety Bundles are naturally healthy and ideal food for your dog. It’s one of our very popular products, thanks to the fact they’re all 100% pure meat as well as being high protein. Our Pure Training Treats are 100% natural dog treats with no additives or preservatives, simply irresistible and 100% natural!



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This box is a training box requiring supervision, the items are not toys and should not be used without owner supervision. We take no responsibility for any injury or illness caused by any products within our boxes.


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